DETOX - Hair Detoxification and Volume Reduction

We have the line DETOX • DEHYDRATION AND CAPILLARY REDUCTION OF VOLUME, which do not have formaldehyde in the composition.
It is a therapy with detoxifying action, which smoothes up to 100% even Afro hair, following the correct form of application. Concentrated with moisturizing, protective and restorative action, it promotes a better resistance of the fragile wires returning the healthy aspect.
Composed of OXYCOCONUT, Coconut Water, Coconut Oil and Omega 3 that revitalize the threads, improve elasticity and flexibility and restore softness and natural shine


• OXYCOCONUT: A blend of amino acids, acids and properties of water and green coconut pulp, which regenerates, rebuilds and rejuvenates, nourishing, moisturizing and treating hair.

• Omega 3: Protects and strengthens the root and hair fiber, fighting the fall.

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